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VerbMaster for the Classroom

VerbMaster for the Classroom is designed with distinct, intuitive dashboards that cater to the specific roles and requirements of learners and educators alike. Check out the tutorial videos for each below to get started!

Instructor Dashboard Tutorial

The Instructor Dashboard enables educators to create classes, assign tailored curricula, and monitor the progress of their students with detailed insights into both individual achievements and overall class mastery.

Student Dashboard Tutorial

The Student Dashboard provides an engaging, interactive environment for students to learn and practice verb conjugations as they work through their teacher’s curriculum with concise, dynamic sessions that cater to their learning needs.

Education Partners for Spanish language learning and acquisition

Our Education Partners

Explore the community of educational institutions that are utilizing the VerbMaster app to optimize language learning for their students.

Spanish Millennium

Spanish Millennium Logo

Spanish Millennium, a premier institution for private and group Spanish tutoring, employs VerbMaster to expedite the Spanish learning journey of its students. Ready to start using your verbs confidently in conversations? Register for a free demo lesson with Spanish Millennium today and witness your Spanish proficiency surge!

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