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Imagine never struggling with Spanish verbs again.

The most efficient, effective and engaging system for mastering Spanish verb conjugations once and for all!

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Learn smarter, not harder: Science-based learning that adapts to you!

Our spaced-repetition approach isn't just proven—it's personalized. The more you engage, the more tailored your verb-learning experience becomes, ensuring faster and more efficient mastery.

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Why we use spaced-repetition:

Normal Forgetting Curve while Learning

Normally while we’re learning, we start to forget information in just 5 minutes! And this curve continues until we’ve forgotten the information completely, no matter how important it may be.

normal forgetting curve when learning new information

Our Forgetting Curve with Spaced-Repetition

With our algorithm, the moment you start to forget, your verbs come back up for review. And what happens when you start to forget again? There they are! So through regular use of our system, it’s impossible to NOT remember your verb conjugations!

Ebbinghaus curve describing the forgetting curve and how it is prevented using spaced-repetition learning
To learn more about this learning method, based on the works of Hermann Ebbinghaus, read our full learning science article here.

Our unique features include:

Phase one icon for VerbMaster's Spanish VerbsMaster Class: The Crash Course

Three Phases of Learning

Create a strong verb foundation with concise lessons, conjugation practice, and vocabulary expansion in our Spanish Verbs Master Class.

Icon for VerbMaster's Spanish VerbsMaster Class: The Mastery Arena

Mastery-Based Reviews

Review verbs you struggle with more often, and practice verbs at precise intervals, so they’re stuck with you forever.

Icon for VerbMaster's AI sentence generator Sentence Bot

Real-World Application

Create sentences with our AI sentence generator to practice using verb conjugations in real-world situations.

Icon for VerbMaster's Spanish verb resource the Reference Dictionary

Lightning-Fast Verb Reference

Search through over 600 Spanish verbs to find their many conjugated forms in our expansive Reference Dictionary.

What Our Users Are Saying:


VerbMaster 5 Star rating

Easily one of the best language apps I've ever used. I've always struggled with conjugating verbs and their systematic way of teaching them is super helpful. I feel like I finally understand them rather than just memorizing them. I look forward to future developments and languages!

- Zacomastaco

“I Really Really Love This App”

VerbMaster 5 Star rating

I really really love this app. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. You have clearly put so much time and effort and LOVE into developing it.

- Jess F.

“One of the Clearest and Most Engaging Spanish Apps”

VerbMaster 5 Star rating

“The layout and format of the learning is clear. Having tried a mountain of apps this definitely ranks as one of the most engaging and is [an] excellent value too. It's a pleasure to use.”

- Louis PD


VerbMaster 5 Star rating

“This is a great app. It gives you the missing information that you don’t get from Duolingo or Rosetta Stone.”

- N. Bees

“One of My Daily Resources”

VerbMaster 5 Star rating

“... It’s gorgeous, simple, to the point, and effective... Thank you for such a helpful tool.”

- S.J.L.B.S.

“I Love the App!”

VerbMaster 5 Star rating

“I love this app! Verbs have been a huge struggle for me, but I love playing and learning with VerbMaster - this may be the tool that finally helps me!!”

- Elyse E.

"This App is Incredible”

VerbMaster 5 Star rating

“This app is incredible and thank you so much for making it!”

- Zac M.

"Loving this App”

VerbMaster 5 Star rating

"Loving this app. Love the symbols representing each verb tense. This is definitely helpful.”

- Ana G.


VerbMaster 5 Star rating

“I struggled with conjugation, but this app definitely helped!!!”

- Jack P.
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Follow our Spanish Verbs Master Class to get the full benefits of our system:

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Phase one icon for VerbMaster's Spanish VerbsMaster Class: The Crash Course

Phase 1

The Crash Course is a concise set of lessons that guides you through the basics of verb conjugation, filled with helpful tips and tricks.

Phase two icon for VerbMaster's Spanish VerbsMaster Class: The Conjugation Cascade

Phase 2

In The Conjugation Cascade, you’ll practice the most frequently used Spanish verbs and learn all instances of irregularity to set you up for success with any future verbs.

Phase three icon for VerbMaster's Spanish VerbsMaster Class: The Vocab Expander

Phase 3

The Vocab Expander adds new infinitives to your repertoire: and since you’ve gone through the other two phases and learned all of the tricks, you’ll already know how to conjugate these verbs when you come across them!

Icon for VerbMaster's Spanish VerbsMaster Class: The Mastery Arena

The Mastery Arena

Throughout all 3 phases of the Master Class, you will be reviewing verbs in The Mastery Arena.

This is where the magic of spaced repetition learning happens.

You will review verbs at precise intervals until they are stored in your long-term memory for good!

Start Your Journey Now for Free!

VerbMaster is free to download, so why wait to get started? With an effective and engaging path to mastery, learning verb conjugations has never been so enticing! Download VerbMaster today and never struggle with Spanish verbs again!

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