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The Learning Science Behind VerbMaster

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Spaced Repetition

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VerbMaster uses what is known as a spaced repetition algorithm to ensure the words you learn are retained in your long-term memory. Spaced repetition algorithms are based on the work of Hermann Ebbinghaus, who discovered that study sessions are more effective when spaced out over time rather than crammed together.

Hermann Ebbinghaus gravestone saying Never Forget
Ebbinghaus. Super dead, but not forgotten.

Why is that?

This is a normal forgetting curve. When we’re exposed to new information, we tend to forget most of it right away.

The normal forgetting curve when learning a new language

However, when you review information at multiple intervals after having forgotten some of it, your forgetting curve starts to flatten. In other words, you lose less information over time.

The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve after practice intervals in the mastery arena of the VerbMaster Spanish verb app
The green line illustrates how your forgetting curve actually moves upwards as you use this method, helping you to remember more and more information at each practice interval.

The first interval is just 5 minutes after you forget a word. Five minutes may seem short, but it’s actually plenty of time to forget a word if you’re not very familiar with it! How many times have you met someone at a party and forgotten their name right away?

As the chart shows, the intervals become more and more spaced out as you learn. They also depend on your retention of each individual verb form. So as you continue to practice, VerbMaster keeps flattening out your forgetting curve until you’ve mastered every verb!

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