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Lesson 0: Welcome to the Spanish Verbs Crash Course!

Welcome to The Spanish Verbs Crash Course!

Phase 1: The Crash Course

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The Spanish Verbs Crash Course is the first of 3 phases on your journey to becoming a VerbMaster. The purpose of this Crash Course is to lay the foundation for your mastery of Spanish Verbs. What do we mean by foundation?

In a standard classroom setting, you’ll move on to the next unit regardless of how well you did in the previous unit. For example, if you completed Spanish 1 with an 80% average, you still move onto Spanish 2. The problem with this approach is that knowledge is constructed in much the same way a house is. Imagine trying to build a house on a foundation that’s only 80% complete! The end result would be pretty bleak. 

Similarly by moving from Spanish 1 to Spanish 2 with a knowledge foundation that is only 80% complete, you’re building new knowledge on shaky ground. And it only gets worse as you move on to Spanish 3, and Spanish 4!

A house with only 80% of its Spanish verb foundation complete, breaking in half and crumbling

VerbMaster’s approach is different, and is based on the learning science theory known as mastery learning. That is, we encourage you to obtain a rock-solid understanding of one concept before moving on to the next. We do this in the Crash Course by providing you with mastery-based practice sessions for most of the lessons.

A large, beautiful house with a 100% of its Spanish verb mastery foundation complete able to build on that knowledge and reach Spanish fluency

So even if you’ve learned some or all of this material before, we still highly recommend finishing the Crash Course from beginning to end. Our Mastery Engine will keep track of your strong and weak points, so you’ll start to see verbs that you know well less and less over time. 

How quickly can you move through the Crash Course? We estimate that it will take you about 30 days, but that might vary depending on your previous knowledge and how much time you have every day. Many lessons are short and sweet–you might be able to complete more than one of them in a day. But some lessons will have more practice sessions and you may have to spend more than one day on them. 

At the end of the day you should proceed at whatever pace feels right for you. Remember, VerbMaster is designed to adapt to you.

Practice Time!

Now, it’s time for your first practice session, and then continue on to Lesson 1!

In this session, you’ll practice conjugating hablar in the present tense. So what are you waiting for? Get to studying, you’re on your way to becoming a VerbMaster!

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