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Lesson 14: Irregulars in the Preterite Tense

lesson on Spanish irregular verbs in the preterite tense


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The Irregular-est Verbs

Once again we’ll start with the irregular-est verbs in the preterite. That is, the ones that hardly look and sound at all like their infinitive. We’re doing this for a reason. Well, two reasons. One, these verbs are super frequently used, yes, but also your brain is really good at remembering these. It’s true! Here are the four verbs:

ser preterite tense and ir preterite tense Spanish conjugation tabledar preterite tense Spanish conjugation tablever preterite tense Spanish conjugation table

Hold up, did you see that? Ser and ir share the same conjugations in the preterite. That might seem confusing, but their uses are so different that context always tells the reader or listener what’s going on. Yo fui al cine can only be from ir, and Yo fui malo can only be ser.

Check out all ser conjugations, ir conjugations, dar conjugations, or ver conjugations in the VerbMaster Dictionary!

Practice Time!

The only way to master these verbs is through targeted practice. Fortunately for you, VerbMaster’s intelligent tutoring system makes conjugation practice a breeze!

In this session, you’ll practice conjugating ser, ir, dar, and ver in the preterite tense.
So what are you waiting for? Get to studying, you’re on your way to becoming a VerbMaster!

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