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Lesson 18: The Three Irregulars of the Imperfect Tense

lesson on Spanish stem-changing verbs in the imperfect tense


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The Only Three Irregulars

The imperfect lesson wasn't so bad, was it? Well, here’s some even better news! There are only three irregular verbs in the imperfect. Some people find that these sounds are similar to the rest of the imperfect, and that helps them to remember where these verbs come from.

ser imperfect tense Spanish conjugation tableir imperfect tense Spanish conjugation tablever imperfect tense Spanish conjugation table

Note that all the nosotros forms have written accents and that the entire set for ver has written accents!

Check out all ser conjugations, ir conjugations, or ver conjugations in the VerbMaster Dictionary!

Practice Time!

The only way to master these verbs is through targeted practice. Fortunately for you, VerbMaster’s intelligent tutoring system makes conjugation practice a breeze!

In this session, you’ll practice conjugating ser, ir, and ver in the imperfect tense.
So what are you waiting for? Get to studying, you’re on your way to becoming a VerbMaster!

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